Interior Film

Interior Film

Interior film is a surface material imported directly from Korea. This is a product with extremely high durability, colorful patterns such as wood, fabric, pearl, stone, …

Compared to conventional decorative sheets which brings “artificial” and unnatural feel, the interior film sheets of Samsung Interior gives users a very real sense of the space created.

Interior Film is an environmentally friendly surface material that has overcome many different tests. We always do our best for the health and safety of our customers as well as bring the most natural and diverse designs.

High quality

Stable when exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, good abrasion resistance and antibacterial.

Easy to install

Soif can be installed easily on many surfaces, no air bubbles appear during installation time.

Environmental friendliness

Using 100% plastic material does not contain Phthalate and heavy metals.

Soft Matt

Wood Series

Multi Printing Wood

Pearl Wood

Painting Wood




Stone Wall





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ISO 9001:2009/ ISO 9001:2008

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