Staron is a solid surface brand of Lotte Advanced Materials from Korea. Dubbed as a high-end artificial stone line in Korea, Staron is promised to be the optimal new generation material in interior design.

Staron solid surface has been developed since 1992 with a variety of colors to meet any design needs. With many outstanding advantages, Staron artificial stone is widely used in interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial areas.

Staron has a variety of colors with many product lines: Supreme, Solid, Sanded, Aspen, Pebble, Quarry, Crystal, Metallic, Tempest, Evermoin. (see more details on Staron’s official website).

Easy Maintenance

Artificial solid surface can be repaired with regular or specialized cleaning pads.


Effortless fabrication and seamless installation, meeting all design requirement.


Preheating turns STARON into a material that can be bent into any shape without any loss of performance.


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